2. Editor with inline toolbar

3. Editor with option to track changes

Click an area in editor or hover a commit record to highlight the change. Enter from keyboard cmd-s or click Save button to record the changes made in editor. Username added to commits can be changed in username input box.


4. Editor with option to add comments

Select an area of text to add comment to it, or click an existing comment to edit its details. With each comment metadata like userid, username is also saved.
Comment added by other users can only be viewed and not edited, change userid to see that in action.

User Id
User Name

5. Editor with dark theme

6. Full page editor

Click button to see full page editor.

7. Editor with HTML conversion of content

Enter HTML content in textarea and click Update Editor button to update editor content. Make any change in editor to see change in generated HTML content.

Generated HTML content

8. Google docs style editor

Click button to see docs style editor.

9. Editor with markdown conversion

Generated Markdown content

10. Custom editor option

11. Collaborative editor

User Name
Connected Users