Nib editor comes with a set of plugins to extend the functionality provided by the core editor. There is a set of standard plugins which are open source, there is another set of premium plugins which are licensed.

Menu option for each plugin can be seem below, corresponding keyboard shortcut are listed in help menu.

Standard plugins

  1. Block styles

    Block style options can either be grouped into a dropdown are displayed as separate buttons.

  2. Inline styles

    Inline styles supported are bold, italic, underline, strike, superscript, subscript, inline code.

  3. Color

    Text color and fill color are supported.

  4. Link

  5. Blockquote

  6. List

    Nested ordered and un-ordered lists are supported.

  7. Image

  8. History

Premium plugins

  1. Table

    Table is supported, also table updating options like add or remove column/row/header is also present.

  2. Advance Image

  3. Video

  4. Custom Plugin

  5. Markdown Converter

  6. Track Changes


Premium plugins in beta

  1. Comment

  2. Collaborative Editing